7 reasons why your Not-For-Profit should start using Microsoft Office 365 cloud this year

Office 365 is available at heavy discounts for eligible NFPs. Should you take advantage of this offer? If so, why and how?

It has been a few years that Microsoft announced that its popular Office 365 platform would be made available at discounted prices to Australian not-for-profit organisations – a saving of potentially thousands of dollars per year for eligible NFPs. However, till this year, there are many NFPs that haven’t made the move and are unsure if this is the right product for their organisations.

We want to help you find out how your NFP can benefit from this offer. These are the top seven reasons why Australian non-profits should start using Office 365 this year.

1. Cost savings

Qualified Non-Profits may receive Office 365 Non-Profit as a donation, or may upgrade to premium features at a substantial discount. To qualify, you must hold recognised charitable status and sign Microsoft’s non-discrimination policy. The free Office 365 E1 package includes email, cloud file-storage and sharing, and web conferencing with IM, audio, and HD video. The premium package also includes Microsoft Office applications.

2. Productivity gains through mobility

With Office 365, your teams remain productive and fully connected, no matter where they’re located. Office 365 lets you work with documents while on the go, with a secure and consistent user experience across multiple devices – PC, iOS or Android.

3. Plan projects and tasks effortlessly

Office 365 applications such as Planner and Teams let you organise teamwork, create plans, assign and schedule tasks, share documents, chat about projects, and receive progress updates. See your productivity soar as employees discover how easy it is to manage projects and tasks with Office 365.

Microsoft Planner Overview

Microsoft Teams Overview

4. Create an intranet to share documents securely and effectively

SharePoint is part of Office 365 and allows you to create a corporate intranet or extranet, making it easy to store, share and work with documents from any location and any device, at any time. SharePoint also lets you build websites, social networking apps, wikis, reports, charts and more. Share your organisation’s values, goals, training videos and any important information while eliminating the risk of duplicated files or out-dated versions.

5. Efficient and cost-effective training with MS Stream

Microsoft Stream enables you to create and share videos across your enterprise. Inspirational and educational videos for training purposes can reach your entire organisation, securely, with intelligent features like audio transcription, face detection, closed captions and smart search options.

6. Video Conferencing and Collaboration System

Office 365 comes with Skype, a communication platform that enables your NFP to communicate and collaborate more effectively between multiple offices and also has PBX integration to give you low-cost calls.

7. Comply with regulations and standards

MS Office 365 delivers enterprise-grade security, encryption, scalability and availability. It helps you manage sensitive corporate data and fulfil your NFP’s compliance and regulatory requirements.

The Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance Center offers a centralised portal where authorised users can establish and manage enterprise-wide archiving, retention, data loss prevention, permissions, device protection, searches and more. The interface is streamlined and intuitive, with a navigation pane that allows easy access to all functions.

Want to maximise the technology available to you? Our team of consultants are experts at helping NFP’S and can guide you on leveraging any new or existing software for your organisation.

To learn more visit www.bremmar.com.au/not-for-profit or contact Bremmar today on 1300 991 351. Alternatively, you can email us at help@bremmar.com.au.

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7 reasons why your Not-For-Profit should start using Microsoft Office 365 cloud this year

Office 365 is available at heavy discounts for eligible NFPs. Should you take advantage of this offer? If so, why and how?