Future-proof Aged Care

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"Bremmar really brings together the strategy element, project element and managed service element all in one. They also have solid knowledge of the Aged Care sector which is pretty niche."

Enda Fahy - CFO - Southcare

Utilise Aged care technologies that provide operational excellence.

Barely meeting compliance demands required by the Royal Commission?

As the need for compliance, transparency, efficiency and service levels increases, so too does the pressure on facilities and in-home care providers to have internal systems that assist successfully with this.


To survive and thrive delivering the highest standards of care, you need modernised operations well supported by a strategic approach to Aged care IT and effective integration across all aspects of service and operations. 


Quality of care is strictly related to the quality of information, communications, data, workflow, management and reporting systems your business and facilities have in place.

Do your care workers face poorly integrated platforms and Aged care IT systems?

With multiple systems in place like Nurse call, CCTV, Wi-Fi, and phone systems, who has ownership when things break? Smaller aged care providers often don’t have the in-house technical expertise needed to manage crucial technology internally and liaise with vendors. This results in confusion over who’s ultimately responsible and causes operational delays.


In-home care providers need systems to talk to each other so carers can input information in real-time with one point of contact to call if they need support.


Free up your Operations Manager and provide your staff with technical support via a team that understands your systems and speaks your language – not IT jargon.

Hoping to reduce resistance to technology adoption?

Adopting new Aged Care technologies is easier said than done. Your staff need user-friendly software and equipment no matter their IT experience level, otherwise their efficiency and motivation will be reduced.


The challenges of limited resources, low IT literacy of users and budget restraints can lead to poor change management success rates which is vital for future-proofing the delivery of in-home care services or of your facility.


By involving certain staff members from the start as champion users, Aged Care organisations can implement new technologies while saving costs on making internal improvements.

Our solutions

 Bremmar can help you harness the power of technology for better care standards and meeting compliance requirements.

Digitise, analyse & predict

Utilise digital business processes and tools to record client and service data easily, achieving compliance with success.

Move to the Cloud

Meet the increasing technology expectations of residents, staff and government compliance.

Discover & strategise

Leverage IT to future-proof your services and keep your clients happy in this highly competitive sector.

Communicate & Collaborate

Leverage software and communication tools that facilitate team work and be more responsive to care requirements.

Get secure

Ensure you meet stringent data security standards without letting security policies and procedures become a burden.

Support & manage

We know how important it is for you to provide around-the-clock care to clients and we will support you 24/7.

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