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"Bremmar have been invaluable in helping guide us through our transformation. They know our goals, have helped us map out a strategic roadmap for success, and they deliver on set milestones each month to push us further towards our goal."

Aaron Divitini - Corporate and Quality Manager - One Tree Community Services

Know where you stand, become strategic, and pave a clear path for your IT

Is having a holistic approach to IT difficult for you to achieve due to the array of areas that need specialist support and knowledge?

Without a forward-thinking strategy and clear ownership of all your systems, implementing newer technologies may result in your organisation wasting time and money. Our IT consulting services give you the freedom to utilise the expertise of our specialists in the areas and solutions that matter to you, giving your staff time back to focus on their core tasks.


During an in-depth consultation process, we get to know your organisation, how you work, and what’s important to you. From there, we work closely with you to develop an IT roadmap and demonstrate solutions we know will help you succeed. We won’t just leave your team in the lurch either. We provide the tools, hands-on training, and enable your champion users to take full ownership of the technologies implemented. You can rely on us for support every step of the way, even as an escalation point once projects are completed.

IT strategies underpinned by

industry expertise

Stay ahead of industry trends with an innovative technology approach

You may have new sites opening continuously and projects being signed, but without enough resources, it’s impossible to quickly roll out the IT that’s needed to meet business and operational needs. Your dynamic industry requires quality IT guidance and solutions that help your teams deliver projects on time while responding efficiently to issues that affect project deliverability, client work, and your bottom line.

We become an extension of your team, providing IT leadership that supports your business goals

Using our experience and insights within the mining & engineering industry, we partner with you to become part of your team by basing your IT strategy around your business goals. Benefit from agility, flexibility and a knowledgeable wider team to support with IT whenever you need it. By utilising our expertise, you can stay dynamic, keep up with changing business needs and feel fully guided and supported with an IT partner that understands the intricacies of mining & engineering sector.

Drive your NFP IT strategy forward to deliver a better service

Stop grappling with legacy systems and rapid changes coming from governing bodies like the DOC and NDIS, due to lack of IT ownership. Without modern systems that are well integrated to make your careworkers jobs more efficient, the struggles of reporting, adhering to governance & compliance, and meeting staffing needs are only going to increase. Now is the time you need to take action and get the support that’s required to drive your organisation forward.

Improve your IT strategy with clear guidance and ownership

Bremmar will meet with your exec team, and even your board if you’d like, to align on what you need and demonstrate what’s possible. From there we build your IT roadmap ensuring alleviating the pains of different staff, from the CFO to a careworker, are at the forefront. By applying our extensive experience in the sector, including past business cases and examples of other NFPs doing it well, you’ll have the confidence your organisation is progressing and in line with industry trends.

Work with us to create innovative strategies, enable your champion users, and support your team every step of the way – empowering them to focus on what they do best.

The new demands of Aged Care IT don’t need to be so overwhelming

Don’t get caught out with poor technology that won’t stand the test of time as more people enter Aged Care over the coming years. If you’re a facility, you’re already inundated with all the technology vendors you need to manage and the systems that need to be able to talk to each other. In-home aged care also have to deal with complex systems that stop careworkers from being productive and communicating effectively – key for their essential role in caring for clients. Without a clear IT strategy, it’s difficult to align your technology with growth goals, and your staff and residents will face a poor experience, which can impact overall satisfaction and ultimately, retention rates.

Ramp up Aged Care improvements with IT

Managing aged care facilities to keep residents happy and well looked after involves a comprehensive understanding of your technology vendors and how to integrate them well. At Bremmar, we are experts at managing and implementing the modern technology your aged care facilities and in-home aged services need to improve your team’s productivity through device management, mobility, security and collaboration tools. Enlighten your residents’ care experience by getting your IT strategy right for today – and tomorrow.

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