Client Management process and patching

We introduce you to our new approach to services delivery.

featured-pacthingIt’s all about consistency, proactivity and better management of your IT operations. That is why Bremmar is investing time and resources into two different fronts: improving our current systems and developing a more comprehensive client management process.

After completing enhancements to Bremmar’s monitoring framework, click here to read the article, Bremmar took the next step by developing a new patching system. As a result, your business will soon experience more comprehensive maintenance and reporting of your complete IT environment.


First of all, do you know what we mean by patching? We refer to all Windows updates. These are regularly released and, currently for Bremmar, require a tech to perform them manually. As the updates are done after hours, and usually one by one, the manual process presents potential for interruptions and greater chance of error.

We have carefully evaluated and selected all updates that can be automated and that don’t present a risk or are invasive to your systems. However, we never leave your business alone. There is always a technician in standby during the automated process in case any issues do occur, which is unlikely.


The main aim of this change though, is to free up your dedicated techs’ time so they can focus more on the management of your operations and on delivering proactive recommendations to improve your systems. The time used to do manual updates is now going to be transferred to reviewing your operations in more detail and addressing possible issues before they become a problem.


The new patching system and client management process walk hand in hand.

Besides freeing up your team’s time to manage your IT better, the frequency of the updates will increase, going from quarterly to monthly, and will follow a fixed schedule. Also, if any downtime is expected, it’s going to happen in the middle of the night while your staff are asleep.

Security will also be enhanced by installing all the latest versions of Windows security updates more frequently.

Overall, your business will experience increased reliability and control of patching installations and updates.


With increased time, your team will now focus on a more comprehensive reviewing and reporting on your IT environment. Even more than before, your team is proactively managing your infrastructure and looking at everything in detail, like your network, internet link usage, CPU and RAM, to improve your experience and minimise frustrations,. Even basics, such as maximum size of attachments staff can send and receive, will be carefully addressed.On the non-technical side of things…

Our improved systems allow for updated documentation and a snapshot of your entire IT environment to be available at the click of a button. Especially for client meetings, these documents will help to pinpoint recommendations based on your current and future requirements, presenting reoccurring or possible issues.

The best part is that you will not only receive a very technical report with all the information on your business IT, but your team will also provide a management document that will have all the information “translated” to plain English.

More than ever, Bremmar has a complete view of your IT operations and is making sure your business gets the best out of its technology.

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Client Management process and patching

We introduce you to our new approach to services delivery.