Considerations on moving to cloud

If you think that cloud computing can be an option for your business, ease your mind from the common concerns of adopting this new technology.


In the previous edition of Bremmar Tech Chat newsletter, we gave you a brief overview of what the cloud is and how it works. We also presented the benefits and advantages of a complete hosted environment, click here to read article.

If you have made the decision of building your infrastructure off premise, or are looking at making a change, make sure you consider your business specific requirements and choose the right cloud provider.


Privacy – It all depends on the cloud provider you choose and their privacy policies, followed by your trust in the provider.  Your equipment will not be physically in your office and a cloud provider will store your information, so yes, there could be privacy issues. However, a reputable cloud provider, such as Bremmar, will have clear privacy policies and will strictly follow them, safeguarding your business information.

Security – Your security requirements must be clearly defined with your service provider before moving to the cloud. Who has access to your data and the measures used to protect your business information are the key points. Trustworthy reputation of your cloud provider also plays an important role. Bremmar utilises a fully secured data centre facility with video recording and with restricted, logged access, guaranteeing the highest levels of protection for your business.

Compliance – The security policies will require most of the attention when it comes to compliance. However, it is important to make sure that all offered functions and features are compliant with your business policies.

Design consideration and flexibility – your business could opt for a complete hosted environment, a hybrid approach or even have an on premise solution. It all depends on your business needs and especially what’s expected from your applications performance. Bremmar can review your business IT, get to know your applications and make sure your systems are used to their highest potential.

Most importantly: classify your applications!
As soon as you make the decision of moving to the cloud, classify your applications, addressing to their specific requirements. Then ask your service provider to conduct an infrastructure assessment to analyse your current IT environment and know about any performance bottlenecks.


The physical data centre and network – You will need a fully redundant and secure data centre facility, ideally based locally. Click here to read about Bremmar’s data centre  and our partnership with Amcom, a leading Australian fibre and network provider.

Service Level Agreement – agree on a SLA that gives you peace of mind and reassures you that requests will be responded in a prompt time frame. With Bremmar, critical issue response is within 15 minutes and priority requests response are within 1 business hour.

Support – Bremmar has a unique three-person team that will always be by your business side. With the Complete Hosted Environment service you will transfer all your IT responsibilities to Bremmar and will always deal with the team that knows your business operations.

Contact us now on 1300 991 351 to discuss with our techs if Cloud is a good option for your business.

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Considerations on moving to cloud

If you think that cloud computing can be an option for your business, ease your mind from the common concerns of adopting this new technology.