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Bremmar enables NFP aged care and community services organisation with intuitive cloud document management system

How we helped implement a cloud document management system that gives Southcare’s staff access to key information with one click.

Bremmar enables NFP aged care and community services organisation with intuitive cloud document management system

How we helped the Y WA (formerly YMCA WA) continue their great work throughout COVID-19.

the Y WA is a not-for-profit organisation involved in youth services, childcare, wellness and community services. the Y WA has over 600 staff members around the State. The organisation provides opportunities for children and young people to help them grow in body, mind and spirit.

Business Challenge

the Y WA previously conducted video meetings via Skype For Business, which was sufficient for small meetings, but was outdated, not suitable for large groups, and no longer supported with upgrades. Critically, the Skype platform had limitations for sharing documents in a live meeting, and follow-up emails were often required to attach relevant documents from local servers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing staff to work from home, the organisation needed a robust solution to allow everyone to collaborate and continue their important work.

The solution

The Bremmar team had been working with the Y WA for around 3 years, and understood how the organisation worked.

The solution was to unleash the power of the software the organisation already owned. Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, so it meant this not-for-profit organisation didn’t need to invest in expensive video conferencing systems.

Teams allows video meetings over any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computers) for groups from 2 people to 10,000. Importantly, it lets everyone in the meeting access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time. This makes meetings very productive.

The Teams solution meant that the organisation could leverage the Microsoft Cloud they already had. The Microsoft Cloud allows staff in remote areas and all over the State to easily access the documents they needed from one central location.

Teams was initially set up for the Senior Leadership Team to facilitate monthly meetings and track monthly objectives.

Bremmar set up the Microsoft Teams group and added tabs to make it easy to integrate other useful programs including Planner and OneNote. Bremmar also provided training for the initial group, to get them started.

The results

the Y WA found Teams invaluable for conducting crisis meetings and working from home during the pandemic. The ability for multiple people to edit the same document in real-time meant that the organisation could work rapidly to solve issues.

the Y WA Finance Manager, Frances Steen, reported there was some initial nervousness about change, but once managers started using Teams, there was no going back. “People started enjoying meetings, and the ability to change background images made it all a bit more fun during challenging times.”

As the entire organisation changes over to MS Teams, the Y WA will take more advantage of the collaboration tools and will reduce the expense and inconvenience of travel around the State for face-to-face meetings.

How can we help you?

Bremmar are experts in remote working initiatives and digital collaboration processes. As accredited Microsoft Gold Productivity Partners, we can help you and your team leverage the power of the Microsoft 365 Stack to work smarter.

We manage IT services for a number of NFP, Aged Care, Engineering, Mining and Construction organisations and understand the unique needs of these sectors. Why not set up an initial meeting to learn more? Call us on 1300 991 351 or email

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