Corporate apps. The must have selection.

Whether you are in the Apple, Android, or Windows mobile camp, to get the most out of any mobile device you buy, it’s the apps that make you productive.

corporate-apps2Every platform touts how many apps are available but, in my opinion, it’s pretty pointless really.  Search for “jokes” on the Apple App store and you get over 4000 results. Surely you don’t need to have 4000 apps to let you tell bad jokes?  Just ask my Dad, he’s got a bunch he can tell you for free…..

I thought I’d point out some of what I think are some incredibly useful corporate apps that I can’t live without.

All these are Microsoft apps, and it’s not surprising as I’m talking about corporate productivity.  It’s what we are familiar with and what we use at our desks on our 9-5 jobs.  Combine these with Office 365 and you have a very powerful and productive environment.

Microsoft Outlook (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

It’s a free standalone email client that is heaps better than the included version on iOS and Android.  It combines mail, calendar and contacts on one app, it also connects to the most popular cloud storage accounts to let you save or attach files to and from your email.      I use this for work email, leaving the in built mail reader for personal accounts, keeps things nice and separate.

Microsoft OneNote (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

It is part of the Office suite, but warrants a standalone discussion.  To be honest, in the early days of OneNote I hated it.  It seemed clunky and not very user friendly compared to Evernote.  That has changed recently (along with the usability of most of Microsoft mobile apps!).  Once I got used to manila folder type arrangement, it’s invaluable for note taking and recording actions in meetings.

Microsoft OneDrive (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

Everyone has a preference on Cloud storage, I, like everyone else, used DropBox.  For all my personal cloud storage I use iCloud (works for me to keep all my personal files, audio and pictures well synchronised).   But recently, I switched to OneDrive.  It has pretty much the same features as every other one out there, but just has a better integration with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite.  When used with Office 365, it gives you a full 1TB of online storage.

Microsoft Office (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

The usual suspects are here – Word, Excel & PowerPoint.  These three are a little bit more complicated (actually confusing!) as they are actually paid products that come with a free version.  Mind you the free version gives you pretty much all the functionality you’d want.

Microsoft Office Lens (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

Probably the best app you might have never heard off.  Previously only on Windows, Phone Office Lens allows images to be converted to Word, PowerPoint, JPG and PDF formats and to use optical character reading (OCR) to convert scrawl to editable text. The app can also capture business card images and pull selected information to create new contacts.


Cool Perth Nights – Want to know what’s on about Perth?  This is the one to get.

TransPerth – Gets you where you need to go, an you check your SmartRider balance.

CPParking – Lets you find City of Perth car parks, shows availability and has a nifty alarm feature that reminds you when your ticket expires.

Uber – Sorry taxi drivers, but Uber is awesome.

RightMove – Live WA traffic info, includes incidents, road works, or anything that’s going to effect your journey.

LIMBO – Forget CandyCrush, this is the game I play from time to time.  It’s a bit odd, but really addictive and challenging…

All the platforms (sorry BlackBerry fans, but your time’s over) have very competent app stores.  But it is worth taking some time to review what apps are out there.  We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of each platform in a future post and give you all the info you need know before you either jump into a platform for the first time or if you are thinking about switching.

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Corporate apps. The must have selection.

Whether you are in the Apple, Android, or Windows mobile camp, to get the most out of any mobile device you buy, it’s the apps that make you productive.