Enhancements to Bremmar’s Monitoring Framework

Bremmar is continuing to invest in developing our systems and processes to deliver greater value and IT reliability to our clients.

featured-monitoringSince February, we have been working on improving our monitoring and automation systems that are used to monitor our clients IT infrastructure, both on premise and cloud hosted. The aim of our improvements, is to deliver a more reliable IT experience to each of our clients and minimise incidents that could result in business downtime.

We are pleased to advise that the first part of the project is now completed.


RMM, remote monitoring and management, is a combination of tools that provide server infrastructure monitoring, including hardware, applications and solutions. By installing an agent on clients’ computers, our engineers have access to constant updated information on the clients’ IT environment. As a result, we aim to be the first one to know and track issues or incidents before they impact your business.

Backing ourselves with one of the best products out in the market, Bremmar chose Labtech as its RMM solution partner. As a very flexible solution, we can configure Labtech according to our needs and specifications, offering our clients a customised approach to monitoring. Also, this solution provides the ability to automate a wide range of tasks and allows direct integration with our ticketing system, resulting in quick and proactive issue resolution.


Since the first part of the project was completed, our monitoring capability has expanded significantly. Here are the main benefits to your business:

Broader monitoring – We now monitor more components of your business infrastructure and identifysignificantly more possible incidents, allowing us to respond before your business operations are potentially affected.

Deeper integration with ticketing system – Our monitoring alerts are now more deeply integrated with our ticketing system, providing us with more detail about an incident, resulting in quicker and more informed incident resolution.

Automation – We have improved the level of automation provided by our monitoring system. A range of minor incidents have been configured to be automatically resolved 24/7, so even if they happen, your business won’t know or be impacted.

Proactivity – In summary, the changes we have implemented increase our engineers’ capability to respond to incidents quicker and more proactively. This new approach minimises your business downtime and reduces possible risks to your operations.


Bremmar has planned a range of systems and process improvements to deliver greater reliability to our clients. Our next steps will be developed simultaneously but will focus on different areas:

Our monitoring system classification is being improved to increase our ability to respond in a timely manner to high priority incidents identified. Incidents detected are being classified in greater detail, allowing us to better manage our response based on the incidents potential to impact your business operations.

Our second focal point is to improve customer service, by reviewing how quickly we respond to and complete requests. Our aim is to more closely analyse the impact and severity of user requests, allowing us to respond in a more timely manner and provide clients with peace of mind by knowing that every request is being carefully evaluated, addressed and resolved.

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Enhancements to Bremmar’s Monitoring Framework

Bremmar is continuing to invest in developing our systems and processes to deliver greater value and IT reliability to our clients.