How to measure your company’s IT ROI?

Know of tangible ways to evaluate your business IT and keep moving forward with your efforts whilst optimising your return

measure-it-roiEvaluating your business IT can be a very tricky exercise as results can be easily misjudged. Why? Well, IT investments mainly produce an indirect return to businesses by enabling them to function more efficiently and effectively, so it’s not all about numbers and an exact science. In this article, we aim to show you tangible ways to evaluate your business IT and present you with areas that are simple to review, so you can keep moving forward with your IT efforts whilst optimising your return. According to Bremmar’s IT experts, there are three top line areas you should focus on. Let’s elaborate…

1) Business systems and functionality

Review how well your IT systems compliment the needs of your business. Start shifting your mind from only reliability issues and hardware to start focusing on IT functionality and what your business really gets from its IT. With cloud in the game, the common problems of physical servers and IT will disappear in time and businesses will have more time to focus on enhancing business IT functionality. Start thinking about it now and gain competitive advantage. Don’t know what we mean? Thinks like the following:

  • Mobility – enable staff access to work on information easily from anywhere and anytime.
  • Collaboration – centrally store information about particular jobs or projects and facilitate sharing.
  • Consistency –software that can help you standardise business processes and workflows.
  • Unified services – integrate systems and devices.

There are many options and different ways for your business to achieve benefits such as the above. If you need some extra ideas on solutions that can improve your business IT functionality just let a Bremmar IT consultant, or your own consultant, know! They can evaluate your business and present you with options.

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2) Cost

There are many costs associated with IT, HOWEVER, IT costs do not purely refer to servers and hardware. In the long run, your business can be significantly affected by additional ongoing costs and other potential intangible costs.

Staff productivity, staff frustration and inefficient IT support will end up being more expensive to your business than just hardware.  Ensure those areas are not overly costly to your business, or even worse, you are losing money due to unproductive overheads caused by downtime, data loss or security issues. Ongoing costs can also play a significant role in the overall cost of your IT. Subscriptions, licensing, communications and internet, if not analysed carefully, can add up and eat a big chunk of your overall IT budget without you even realising it.

Analyse and evaluate these ongoing and intangible costs so in the future you can direct more of your IT expenditure towards initiatives that will actually benefit your business such as improved solutions as explained in point 1 above.

3)  Risk

There are many areas that can present a risk to your business, and it’s obviously important to invest in mitigating those risks. Here are the main areas your business should focus on:

  • Downtime – the obvious one.
  • Backup and recoverability
  • Security and information protection
  • Compliance with various requirements such as licensing or particular industry requirements
  • Infrastructure warranty & support

Click here to see a list of suggested security checks and measures!

Making informed decisions about investments in IT can be a challenging task. We are here to help, whether it’s just to review your current ongoing costs or reviewing your requirements and recommending solutions that will really improve the way you do business.

You can contact us on 1300 991 351 or email An IT consultant will be readily available to go through the specifics of your IT with you! In the long run, optimisation of your IT can make your business more competitive and have a big impact on your workplace.

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How to measure your company’s IT ROI?

Know of tangible ways to evaluate your business IT and keep moving forward with your efforts whilst optimising your return