How to improve your business network security and protection?

Don’t lose sleep trying to find better ways to protect your business. Understand what you currently have and where you stand by simply reviewing your IT.

network-security-itData security is on everyone’s mind these days and rightfully so as the media is continually reporting latest hacker and malware attacks and how businesses have been affected. As such, the importance of securing your network infrastructure should be your number one priority now more than ever.

You may think that your network has sufficient security measures in place, however, hackers and malware attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated in the methods they use to try and gain access to your network.

So how do you know how secure and protected your network and business are? The best way to answer those questions is to review your current infrastructure.

So what’s the correlation between an IT review and your network security?

Reduce Risk

The main goal of an IT review, or analysis, is to assess your infrastructure and expose any possible threats. Specifically talking about network security, no matter what practices are in place, there is always room for improvement and the more you know about your security the less risk you expose your network to.

An IT review will show the efficiency and effectiveness of your security systems and what information can be exposed should they be compromised. Once your risks have been evaluated, you can develop a unified threat management plan to identify possible threats, mitigate their impact and put measures in place to stop them from creating any damage.

Have business IT visibility and understanding

An IT audit or review will give you visibility to where you stand in regards to your overall network security. You’ll also have an understanding of where your strengths are and where you are the most vulnerable in regards to your infrastructure security. You can request a detailed report, if required, and should expect that all or the main areas of your ICT environment to be covered, such as:

  • Physical and virtual servers
  • Firewall and network infrastructure
  • Security appliances
  • Desktop and mobile devices
  • AV and Malware protection
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery systems

Protection against potential costs

A breach in network security has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars in lost data or productivity or even bring your business to a standstill where normal everyday business operations cannot occur.

By performing regular IT reviews, you will be proactive against potential security attacks ensuring your most valuable data is protected and in conjunction with your overall business goals, which will consequently help you reduce the costs associated with the damage control of an attack.  You will also be able maximise your IT budget by determining what you need and what you don’t.

IT audits help you create effective security plans and polices for your network.

Alignment of Goals

Your network infrastructure is the central information hub of your business, and without it your business cannot run smoothly. An IT review will align your business goals among departments strengthening communication, security and growth. An IT audit will show you where your infrastructure needs to be in order to meet the overall goals of the company.

To set your business up to its highest growth potential, your network needs to be able to continually meet the challenges from that growth. An IT review gives you added value by securing your infrastructure, reducing costs, and aligning your IT with your overall business goals.

Overall, knowing the “what’s, where’s, why’s and how’s” of your entire infrastructure is the first main step you need to take to protect and secure your network. Without fully understanding what you have and having a 360 visibility of your IT, the goal of protecting your business will be a constant challenge.

If you are unsure about your IT environment and would like to discuss your concerns with one of our IT consultants contact us on 1300 991 351 or email us on Our consultants are highly experienced and can point you in the right direction of how and when to do an evaluation of your systems.

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How to improve your business network security and protection?

Don’t lose sleep trying to find better ways to protect your business. Understand what you currently have and where you stand by simply reviewing your IT.