Find your competitive edge

with productivity solutions and smart IT for mining and engineering

“It can be difficult to know the best solution but I can always rely on Bremmar to provide quality advice on the latest tech and best practices.”

Scott Bowles - IT Systems Administrator - Engenium​

Put a stop to manual processes and disparate teams derailing successful projects

Are you losing money with delays in setting technology up quickly at new sites?

You need to be confident your sites will be up and running efficiently, securely and fast with the right IT support for mining and engineering operations.


We’ll ensure you have the racks, 4G, satellite connectivity and configured computers delivered on-site and on time   

Are remote locations and disparate teams impacting collaboration within your business?

You need to share and transfer data between devices and locations, as well as manage permissions. You need confidence your IT support for mining and engineering allows you to do this, more easily and securely.


We’ll make sure your data is available to the people that need it, even when offline or facing weak connectivity.

Is productivity being impacted by manual processes, document control and slow approvals?

You need access to automated and intelligent quality and safety forms, insights and statistics.


Whether across HR, workplace safety, billing, or other business units, we’ll deliver the integration, automation, and accessibility you need.

Bremmar can help you

We understand the challenge of bringing mining and engineering teams together to collaborate on remote projects and manage information, time, and financial resources effectively.

Digitise, analyse & predict

Productivity is key with automated,  integrated processes that enable staff to focus on core tasks

Move to the Cloud

Unlock easy innovation and collaboration through Microsoft in the Cloud

Discover & strategise

Future proof your mining and engineering business strategy and find new ways to integrate and innovate

Communicate & Collaborate

Equip your team with collaborative, scalable and flexible digital tools that bring them together and empower them to achieve more

Get secure

Never worry that access or permission will fail, or that necessary security will reduce productivity

Support & manage

Entrust us with your IT so you can focus on keeping your customers happy and your remote teams engaged, all while winning new projects.

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