Microsoft Office 2016 review

One of the most used professional application suites has just released its latest version…What’s different?

office_2016In a world where mobility and cloud is gaining huge popularity, it’s clear to see why Microsoft have created a solid platform to advance with the times with their new Office suite. The application range has been built from scratch specifically for better integration with mobile/tablet and cloud cloud technologies.

The first place I installed it was on my Surface tablet. Straight away you can tell by the basic yet sleek aesthetic that Microsoft have taken a no-nonsense approach to the design, leaving only a top level toolbar which is very easy to navigate and decipher. With the options to select different themes you can also customise the appearance to suit your preference and style. The tablet/touch screen support for text selection, copy/pasting and spell check are very handy and improved from previous versions.

Is Clippy back?

Remember Microsoft’s office assistant ‘Clippy’ from the very early versions of Office? Well, we somewhat have him back, but in a less annoying, more professional capacity. It’s now called ‘Tell me’ – A simple input box sitting nice centred in the top toolbar where you can type what you need. For example, if you type ‘Page Break’, it will create a page break for you, no pesky comments or boring step by step guides to read through.

Security enhancements

Across the range of Office 2016 applications, Microsoft have bolstered their security to allow for setting expiry dates, prevent forwarding, etc., of shared documents. It also allows for Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which can notify a user within the application itself if confidential information is put into a wrong or exposed place determined by the DLP policy configured by the administrator.

‘Clutter’ service

Another handy feature implemented into Outlook 2016 specifically is ‘Clutter’. This will learn your email habits and file emails accordingly to save you time and assist with mailbox management. The ‘Clutter’ service keeps a track of the emails you read and ones you don’t, and then files the un-important emails into a folder called Clutter. The more you use it, the more it learns and the better it gets, this can be a good feature, however, if it doesn’t suit your workflow, you can easily switch it off.

Apps integration

Microsoft has created Office 2016 into a platform where developers can directly integrate their apps and services such as SAP, Salesforce, Uber etc. into the Office 2016 applications. For example, the Uber app would allow you to set reminders in Outlook to call a car to take you to your next appointment, and the SAP add-on will communicate directly from Excel into the SAP server to import data directly.

And for the Apple fans…

Microsoft have released the 2016 version for Mac too! Finally you can migrate off your 2011 Office for Mac product and enjoy all the benefits of the new 2016 suite. If that hasn’t made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, Microsoft released the Office 2016 for Mac suite BEFORE they released it for Windows, good onya MS!

All in all, Microsoft have done a good job with their new Office 2016 suite. Providing a professional application with a simple to understand and user friendly interface, and not straying too far from its basic fundamental office setup, mitigating spending lots of time having to learn the new version.

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Microsoft Office 2016 review

One of the most used professional application suites has just released its latest version…What’s different?