Microsoft Power BI

for Not-for-Profits

Leverage existing business data for insights and improved decision-making

To quickly compile reports and
have full visibility to key data

you need an edge

Gather data from various software services, apps, and connectors and transform it into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. 

Microsoft Power BI lets your Not-for-Profit easily connect to your data sources, visualise (or discover) what’s important, and share that with anyone you want. Leverage it as your personal report and visualisation tool or as the analytics and decision engine behind group projects, divisions, and entire corporations

Bring relevant information at your fingertips and prepare for different scenarios with interactive dashboards and graphs.

“Whether our staff are providing services in seniors’ home, working in the office environment or working from home, we wanted them to be one click away from a centralised intranet that has everything they need.

One of the biggest issues we had with the old intranet was that it was hard to manage policies, procedures and forms. When it came to updating a policy, there was a long, manual process that involved multiple emails and time-consuming back and forth communication.

Now we’ve moved this onto SharePoint, we can manage this whole workflow with a click of a button which makes it so much easier.”

Enda Fahy – Chief Financial Officer – Southcare

“The Bremmar solution has helped us to increase productivity across teams. It replaces paper spreadsheets with an app that can be used in the office, at the depot, in the delivery trucks, and on site.”

Carl Ramsamy - IT Systems Administrator - Tracc Civil

Are you worried about

The time and resources wasted to compile periodic reports

Reports that outdate quickly and lack collaboration from key stakeholders

Not having a single pane of glass for reporting that can be easily shared with the board

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Why Power BI for Not-for-Profit

We deeply understand the types of data and reporting requirements of the Not-For-Profit sector. Our team can help you connect your data sources through APIs and has developed customised solutions that focus on enabling your champion users as we go on the use and creation of dashboards.

Stream analytics in real time and share with key stakeholders for timely decisions

Create interactive dashboards and visualisations in minutes

Gather many Microsoft and third-party sources into a single pane of glass for reporting

Access from anywhere through the Power BI Mobile App

Analyse and share Excel data in new ways with unparalleled Excel integration

Always see the latest version of your data with automatic data refresh









Project Only

  • Consultation & planning workshop
  • Project scoping & implementation 
  • Handover to champion user
  • Helpful material and documentation








Project + Support

  • Consultation & planning workshop
  • 1x project implementation
  • 1x post-project ongoing champion user support & enablement
  • Annual M365 Productivity








Project + Support + M365 Partnership

  • Consultation & planning workshop
  • 2x project implementation
  • 2x post-project ongoing champion user support & enablement
  • Quarterly M365 Productivity & Security improvement workshops
  • Group training session

Our Engagement model

Engagement model

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