Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review

Should I get a laptop or a tablet? Or maybe both?

surface-proThe MS Surface Pro 3 is an exciting product release from Microsoft. It provides the flash functionality of a tablet along with the convenience and reliability of a laptop.

For work and business use, this device takes the cake. It can be easily joined to a corporate domain, meaning security policies, device management and connectivity into company networks is as seamless as a normal PC (keeps the bosses happy!). The integration of the MS Office products, like OneNote, make’s note taking and synchronisation to multiple devices and computers easy. As someone who gets stuck in a lot of meetings, being able to type my notes into one organised location and be able to access it from anywhere, makes a huge difference, and saves heaps of time! Gone are the days of flipping through old paper notebooks trying to find that one important bit of information someone said 2 weeks ago in that meeting you were falling asleep in…

Now, the Surface isn’t just a glorified, expensive notebook. Even with the real keyboard and possibility to connect peripheral devices via USB for on the road work, the functionality of the touch screen and detachable keyboard brings a whole different aspect to computer use. Through general web browsing and application use, you soon realise the hybrid use of a mouse and touch screen makes workflow much easier, some things are just easier to touch rather than using a mouse, and vice versa. I now find myself trying to touch the screen on my desktop computer to initiate commands before realising I’m not on my fancy Surface.

In terms of power, performance, and stability, the Surface ticks all the boxes. The battery life is what can be expected from a tablet or laptop and will last around 8 hours with moderate use. The performance of applications and standard office tasks is great, and the high end models have the specs to run whatever you need.

The Microsoft App Store offers many free and paid applications, everything from racing and adventure games which take full advantage of the built in gyroscope, to handy organisational apps. You can also let your creative side out with the very intuitive Surface Pen allowing you to create works of art with high level drawing and paint apps.

In my opinion, the only downside to the Surface is that it is a delicate device, but this is probably to be expected. I wouldn’t recommend it for use in rugged situations. The stand can seem flimsy at times and you have to be just that little bit extra careful when flipping it all the way back, and the pen can be pretty easy to lose. A true laptop is balanced by the base, whilst the Surface Pro 3 is balanced by the screen, where all the weight is. That being said, there are cases and protective covers that can be purchased. However, if you struggle to keep the screen on your smart phone crack free, be prepared to take extra care with this one.

If you’re a moderate computer user looking for a portable creative device to draw, take notes, watch videos, create and view documents, complete word processing tasks, and look really trendy while doing it, the Microsoft Surface is the device for you.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review

Should I get a laptop or a tablet? Or maybe both?