How to prepare your business for an IT audit

You’ve decided that now is the time to take control of your IT and conduct an IT Audit. Congratulations! Now for the next step – preparing for your audit.

preparation for an IT review is keyKnowing what documents, information and details you need to have ready for your IT review will greatly improve the efficiency of your audit.

As we discussed in our previous article, out-of-date equipment or a second-rate MSP can significantly reduce your business productivity and increase your costs. Regular IT audits are the perfect way to check if your infrastructure is meeting your organisation’s needs and delivering real value for money.

So, you’ve decided this is the year you are going to take control of your IT and you’ve made the smart decision to conduct your IT audit with an external company. But, what’s the best way to prepare? If you’ve engaged an experienced team of consultants like Bremmar, having the following details documented before the audit begins will greatly improve the efficiency of your audit.

List of ‘go to’ management and their main pain points

Make a list of the ‘go to’ management and IT support individuals in your organisation. You should let them know we’ll be conducting an audit and will need to chat with them during the process. It’s also useful to find out and create a list by department, of how much time each person spends troubleshooting IT matters and what their main pain points are, as this can be a hidden cost to your business.

Key software details

What are the primary tools and applications your business depends on? Your consultant will already be familiar with the most popular software platforms, but it’s recommended to have a list in advance to aid preparation. You should also include whether your employees require remote access to these applications.

Passwords and access

The audit will run more smoothly if your consultant can log into key systems. Gather login IDs and passwords for all relevant applications, servers, routers, switches and other network infrastructure in advance. You can reset the passwords as soon as your consultant has finished. To assist with efficiency, you should ensure your consultant has badge access and security clearance to the necessary areas of your building, as well as access to your wireless network.


It’s beneficial for your IT auditor to gain an understanding of your contracts with vendors and other third parties. Our recommendations may differ depending on your support, maintenance and telecoms obligations. For example, if you’re locked in a contract with a vendor for several years, we will focus on alternative avenues for cost savings.


It’s handy to know how old your infrastructure is and whether it’s still under warranty. Out-of-date hardware is a liability, and spare parts may be impossible to find. It’s always a good idea to maintain a register of your IT equipment warranties. If necessary, we may recommend upgrading your hardware or moving to a cloud-based service.


One of the aims of an IT audit is to lower your total IT expenditure, and your consultant will seek to identify potential areas for cost reduction. For a thorough review, we’ll need to see your internet, telephone and IT support invoices for the past 12 months, as well as any monthly subscriptions you may have.


Sometimes your business needs new technology to solve an issue, but it’s hard to identify which technology is the right solution. Make a list of the outcomes you expect from the solution and we’ll be able to identify and assist with deciding on the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for your needs.

If your company is struggling with remote workers and mobility is a critical part of the business, or if you have many offices and need a solution to improve collaboration and conferencing, we can recommend personalised solutions that will cater for your current and future requirements. Our team has experience working with the newest and most popular technologies.

List of Issues

Prepare a list of problems you’re experiencing and key areas that you’d like your consultant to focus on. Do any of your systems experience frequent outages? Have you had any security breaches? Does your network suffer from latency or dropouts? Is your MSP delivering a high-quality service? There may be many issues that you’re not even aware of, so get your team involved and ask them to contribute to the list.

Are you ready to begin your IT review?

We created a checklist to help you cover the main points of an IT audit. This is a great material to use as a starting point for discussions with your IT auditor or Managed Services Provider.

Download your print-friendly checklist here!

For more advice on preparing for your IT audit, or to schedule an audit with our experienced team of consultants, simply call Bremmar today on 1300 991 351, or email

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How to prepare your business for an IT audit

You’ve decided that now is the time to take control of your IT and conduct an IT Audit. Congratulations! Now for the next step – preparing for your audit.