SharePoint Controlled Document Library

Is your organisation compliant with policies and procedure reviews, approvals and updates?

To streamline document
management processes,

you need an edge

Organisational controlled documents, such as policies and procedures, need to be reviewed and updated in a methodical and structured manner. Multiple versions are usually difficult to manage, and spreadsheets are often created in an attempt to track important files, changes and approvals.

Accelerate productivity and be in accordance with the increasing number of compliance regulations on corporate information.

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to transform your document management processes by enabling you to store controlled documents, track and restore information with version control capabilities, and digitise the workflow for the creation, changes and approval of new policies, procedures and templates at the click of a button.

“One of the biggest issues we had with the old intranet was that it was hard to manage policies, procedures and forms. When it came to updating a policy, there was a long, manual process that involved multiple emails and time-consuming back and forth communication.

“Now we’ve moved this onto SharePoint, we can manage this whole workflow with a click of a button which makes it so much easier.”

Enda Fahy - Chief Finance Officer - Southcare

Are you worried about

Your staff not engaging with your policies, procedures & templates

Wasting time on manual processes that are prone to human error

Having different file versions and missing document review dates

Why Controlled Document Library

Bremmar has built the SharePoint Controlled Document Library package according to client requirements within the Not-For-Profit, Aged Care, Disability, and Mining Services industries. Delivered in a sprint approach, we work with your team to build a tailored solution to suit your unique requirements. Our process includes requirements gathering, library design, setup and workflow implementation and our team focuses on enabling your champion users as we go.

Seamlessly access your corporate documents from any device online or offline

Make it easier for your team to find the information they need

Track changes to documents and have access to previous file revisions

Store and control the approval process of key documents for audit purposes

Enable user permissions and unauthorised files access

Multiple users can edit a file at the same time









Project Only

  • Consultation & planning workshop
  • Project scoping & implementation 
  • Handover to champion user
  • Helpful material and documentation








Project + Support

       Everything from Starter plus:

  • Ongoing support to champion user








Project + Support + Workshops

    Everything from Essentials plus:

  • Implementation and support of an additional package 
  • Quarterly M365 improvement workshop

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Engagement model

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