The benefits of SharePoint for intranet are proven – especially if you use best practice

How Aged Care providers can benefit from an intranet

The power of an intranet lies in its ability to create a central hub to store information and resources. The hub can be accessed easily and securely from any device with a web browser.

Information and resources on the intranet have two important functions:

  • To help staff access corporate resources in their daily activities so they can stay on top of their work
  • Support a cohesive culture so that everyone is on the same page

In their daily activities for example, staff can securely access work documents, applications and key systems. They can also access directories such as a corporate calendar, policies and procedures, employee details search, and more.

Another key work feature is the ability to set up dynamic lists and workflows. These could span anything from:

  • Care management
  • Logging facility requests and approvals
  • Submitting incident reports
  • Tracking complaints and compliments
  • Tracking assets

The cultural aspect is equally important. Every organisation, including those in Aged Care, need their teams to pull together. The organisation benefits, and so do staff when they understand and work toward the same goals.

A central hub on the intranet can be used to share the latest news, videos, announcements, or any other information that fosters staff involvement and morale.

An Aged Care provider created a feedback loop on their SharePoint intranet to promote closer staff engagement. Staff now post compliments received from residents on the Southcare intranet to create a more positive culture.

You can find out more about SharePoint features and functions with the key takeaways from our recent webinar, Leveraging SharePoint for intranets, digital forms and business processes automation. Link to

Why the new SharePoint is the best intranet

Microsoft Office SharePoint services set the gold standard in intranets. SharePoint now delivers a simple, intuitive experience combined with practical features to empower the way you work today. Which is no doubt why Microsoft calls it the SharePoint modern experience.

We chose SharePoint as the platform to host all of our control documents and our document management system. The intranet hub was designed to be a holistic and all-encompassing framework so that staff had access to all of the links, tools, documents and systems they required. Over time, we continuously improved and expanded it to become a one stop shop for content and communication.
Enda Fahy, Chief Finance Officer, Southcare.

Here are some of the reasons why you’ll love SharePoint intranet:

It gives you choice. Microsoft SharePoint offers many options covering site templates, page layout, inbuilt web functions, governance and more. Just choose the features you want.

Close integration with Microsoft tools. SharePoint will connect seamlessly to apps like OneDrive, Yammer and Teams. You can easily keep your SharePoint intranet up to date through these links, so information never needs to go stale.

SharePoint can flex with change. SharePoint is so flexible, you can easily add or remove capabilities, or even customise them to reflect changes in your organisation.

Publish a variety of content. SharePoint is a brilliant management tool for multiple content types. Plus, sophisticated in-built capabilities ensure content is accurate and suitable.

Improve document sharing. SharePoint is where your documents are kept. Even collaboration tools like Teams store files there. Having one central repository for documents with the certainty of version control is invaluable for collaboration.

A better experience. Microsoft haven’t just made improvements under the bonnet, they’ve really focused on user experience. It’s now very intuitive compared to the old SharePoint, and you don’t need IT skills to get the most from it.

SharePoint is here for the long haul. Microsoft definitely see SharePoint as a platform for the future. They continue to invest in it, which means you can be confident it will be supported, and can take advantage of new features as they’re released.

How can you get Microsoft SharePoint intranet?

SharePoint intranet is included with a Microsoft 365 licence. If you’re already using M365, chances are you already have access to SharePoint.

How Bremmar help Aged Care providers use SharePoint as an intranet

Bremmar offer a tried and tested methodology in setting up SharePoint as an intranet site:

  • We start with an industry-specific demonstration, showing how other Aged Care providers are using SharePoint so you understand what’s possible
  • Next, a discovery session to identify your specific business objectives. This will determine the scope and focus of the solution including the features you need. We will also define the potential business outcomes.
  • We help select a champion user – your internal owner for the site – and include them in the process. We also help with internal communications and change management processes.
  • We develop a proof of concept and demonstrate proof of value
  • We progressively develop and deliver the project in clearly defined stages, incorporating your feedback in the process.
  • We hand over SharePoint to the champion user and train them in best practice.

Our top tips for a successful SharePoint intranet project

Bremmar have set up SharePoint intranet for many Aged Care providers so we know the best approach to take. The most important thing is to make SharePoint intranet services relevant and convenient so they deliver value to the organisation and employees. Here are our top four tips for a successful SharePoint deployment.

1. Make sure you don’t overcomplicate matters. The simpler it is to use, the more people will use it, and the easier it is to keep up to date.

2. Designate a champion user for the intranet – someone who will take responsibility for it. A champion user should be involved in:

  • Demonstrations
  • New ideas
  • Implementing iterations
  • Training other staff
  • Progressing the solution after implementation

3. Use a template that suits your industry to reduce setup time. Microsoft provides basic templates, but Bremmar has designed templates specifically for the Aged Care industry.

4. Make the SharePoint homepage a launch pad for multiple services. Providing a central point of access to key systems and information via SharePoint will make sure it stays useful. It’s also advisable to have a single sign-on, so staff have the convenience of one log-in.

How SharePoint supports digital transformation in Aged Care

In our Aged Care eBook: Why Digital Transformation is needed to improve Australia’s Aged Care system, we discuss how digitisation is vital in meeting industry reforms. Identifying and adopting relevant digital technologies is a key step to meet current Aged Care Quality Standards. These include:

  • Consumer dignity and choice
  • Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
  • Personal care and clinical care
  • Services and support for daily living
  • The organisation’s service environment
  • Feedback and complaints
  • Human resources
  • Organisational governance

Setting up SharePoint intranet best practices alone will go a long way in meeting all of these quality standards. This can be achieved through:

  • A centralised document hub with auditing and logging
  • Accessibility to up-to-date data
  • Efficient communication inside the organisation
  • Automation of forms, incident reports, surveys through triggers, and workflows
  • Online training and collaboration.

In fact, Microsoft Office SharePoint services can be one of the most valuable steps in your digital transformation journey.

See how going digital can boost your performance

Take our Aged Care Assessment to see how your organisation is doing. It takes less than five minutes to complete. It will give you a picture of what aspects of ICT integration you’re on top of, where you may need to take urgent action, and what a long-term digital transformation plan might look like for your organisation.
And if you’ve got any questions regarding SharePoint Intranet or your IT in general, we can put you in contact with one of our Aged care experts!