The benefits of a properly designed hybrid cloud environment.

Leverage the advantages of cloud whilst retaining some elements of your IT infrastructure on site.

shutterstock_232453489If your business is ready to experience the benefits of cloud, however, still has some requirements, or other factors that hold the company back from a full move to a cloud environment, there is a solution:  hybrid cloud model!

Key in achieving a successful cloud model is to properly integrate your local infrastructure with cloud, ensuring that users can seamlessly access programs and resources that are stored locally vs cloud. Users shouldn’t know/feel the difference between working locally or in the cloud.

What’s good about hybrid cloud? Lots!

The organisation identifies the need to move some elements of their IT to the cloud, however, chooses, or needs, to retain some elements in their own infrastructure.
Allows organisations to test the waters of cloud without putting all their eggs in one basket.
Gives companies time to fully make use of their previous infrastructure capital investments, extending the lifespan of their technology.
Even though some people think that hybrid cloud has just become a bit of a buzz word, using parts of a business operations in the cloud does bring a lot of benefits to organisations.

Is it suited for YOUR business? What businesses should consider it?

  • Your business doesn’t feel comfortable yet or ready to move everything to the cloud.
  • If your business has recently invested in infrastructure and needs to justify the lifespan of the existing infrastructure.
  • Companies that have specific business applications which are required to run on local servers because they cannot always be run through the cloud, such as CAD and software with high processing requirements.
  • The other way around, where the business requires an application that just runs through the cloud, such as Sales Force or Xero.

As with every new technology, there are pros and cons to consider. It’s important to be aware of some challenges businesses face when moving to a complete or hybrid cloud environment.

Bremmar wants you to be equipped with as much information as possible before you make a change, leaving no room for regret.

What are the main challenges you can encounter?

  • Your business ends up with programs significantly slower than before, as they are running in the cloud when they are not designed for it.
  • Synchronization of local data into the cloud, so that cloud applications can access non-cloud data as though it’s sitting on the same platform. If the hybrid environment is not designed properly you will have issues trying to access local data from the cloud, it will be slow.
  • Bandwidth, the way that is prioritised and managed.
  • Make the right decision and meticulously analyse what data is kept locally and what data is kept in the cloud.

Bremmar can help you find out if hybrid cloud is the ideal solution for your business. Call our IT consultants on 1300 991 351 or email us on and one of our IT specialists will be ready to give you some useful advice!

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The benefits of a properly designed hybrid cloud environment.

Leverage the advantages of cloud whilst retaining some elements of your IT infrastructure on site.