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Managed IT Services Providers are evolving to better support the demands and challenges presented by cloud-based solutions

the-modern-it-support-featuredThe pace of technological change is accelerating, and one of the most disruptive changes is the transition from localised infrastructure to cloud-based solutions. Hardware has become a less relevant component of new technology solutions, while browser-based software, mobile apps and online functionality have increased in significance. At the same time, organisations are increasingly challenged with the need to remain competitive and rapidly adopt the latest technology.

Focus shift for Managed Service Providers

This transformation in the way businesses operate is driving a shift in focus for Managed Services Providers (MSPs). It’s no longer enough to simply keep your infrastructure running. Instead, today’s MSPs need to become strategic consultants, trusted to offer guidance and recommend effective solutions that help your business run more effectively. A competent IT solutions provider should be seen as your partner – one that evolves alongside your business while recommending innovative technologies and strategies to give you an edge over your competitors.

MSPs that focus purely on hardware and infrastructure are becoming obsolete.

Does your business need to become more collaborative? More flexible? More productive? More data oriented? If so, then forget about working with a traditional MSP. You don’t need a technician with a screwdriver. You need a proficient and reliable modern IT solutions provider with real understanding of the different business solutions available that can suit your needs. An IT consultancy whose objectives are aligned with your own business – someone who will remain by your side and will understand your plans and goals to offer proactive recommendations. Someone who will help you make strategic IT decisions which will positively impact your entire business.

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Change is inevitable

Like most IT companies, Bremmar’s business model is evolving to meet this shift and to better support the demands and challenges of our clients. As a modern IT company, Bremmar’s goal is to assist you with strategy planning, technology and business alignment, solution design and implementation, according to your changing business needs. We’re here to help accelerate and streamline your processes, measure and improve your return on IT investment, and offer innovative suggestions to reduce your costs and boost efficiency.

At Bremmar, we have already adopted this approach and have been evolving our focus for some time. So, what does a contemporary IT company like Bremmar actually look like?

  1. Emphasis on consultancy and strategic guidance – not simply fixing problems
    We’re investing time and resources to better understand your business. Because the more we know about our clients, the better we can anticipate their needs to provide proactive and strategic guidance. As such, we’re increasing the frequency and reporting of our client meetings, so you know and understand what’s happening with your business IT and can keep track of reoccurring issues, recommended changes and cost optimisation options. We’re also restructuring our teams so our Technical Client Managers have more time to spend in consultation with you.
  2. In-depth solutions and systems knowledge
    We’re fostering a culture of continual learning and skills development. We recognise that our team members need to be application and software experts, as well as possessing deep knowledge of document management, mobility, business practices and productivity apps like Office 365 and SharePoint. Our proficiency in these areas allows us deliver to our clients smoothly, quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that every solution is scalable with a low entry cost. And we’re also developing standardised packages that deliver solution suites in a cost effective manner.
  3. More effective and efficient support
    We’re positioning ourselves as a mini outsourced IT department by closely integrating your dedicated team and our services with your business. This lets us deliver faster and more responsive support. Because we take the time to really understand your organisation and you’ll always deal with the same techs, we can better coordinate complex activities, which helps to take the burden off your administration team.


The modern IT solutions provider has arrived to help your business grow and achieve a competitive advantage through IT. If you would like to know how Bremmar Managed Services could help your business simply contact us today on 1300 991 351 or email

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The Modern IT Solutions Provider

Managed IT Services Providers are evolving to better support the demands and challenges presented by cloud-based solutions