The revolutionary Windows 10 feature – Continuum

Microsoft has somewhat reinvented itself recently. Check out what is Windows 10 - Continuum and why it's so good.

windows10-featuredAlongside the recent announcement of the refined Surface 4, the release of Office 2016 and their first ever laptop, the Surface Book (which looks very good), was some further information on their vision for the Windows 10 platform, Continuum.

Different options at your fingertips!

On Windows 10 (for PC), Continuum is aimed to making the operating system more tailored and useful if you have a touch enabled device.  Basically, if the operating system detects a keyboard it sets up the desktop screen to be optimised for keyboard and mouse input.  But, if you have a device that has a touchscreen like the Surface Book, and you remove the attached keyboard, it will switch the operating system (either automatically or via a prompt) into Tablet mode and optimised for touch input.  This really has banished the issues with Windows 8.

A new era begins…Mobile and desktop apps unified!

Now, when you look at Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile, it gets pretty interesting.  The first place to start is Universal apps, it’s Microsoft’s attempt to unify mobile and desktop applications.  Let’s use Microsoft Office as an example. At the moment, you have to download the desktop version for you PC or laptop and the mobile version for you Windows Phone.  Universal apps does away with this, it’s one app and you can use it on both.  It’s a grand vision and makes the Windows mobile platform suddenly a formidable prospect.

Microsoft showed of a nifty little display dock for their mobile phones, just plug the phone in with a monitor, keyboard and mouse and it switches the operating system into a desktop mode and very much like the desktop version of Windows 10.  The smart phone you keep in your pocket these days are very, very powerful and already run all the applications you are familiar with.

Change is coming and it’s good!

If this lives up to the vision and universal apps take hold, this may be a big change to the way we look at computing and mobility.  A lot of users may only need a mobile phone as their sole computing device.  You can have every application you need in the palm of your hand and when you need to be more productive, it acts just like a desktop when you plug in peripherals.  Combine this with the sharing capabilities of Office 365, where the sources of our data is cloud based, and you may have everything you need.

Windows 10 for your desktop, laptop and tablet is out now.  The first Windows 10 phones are due to ship in November and upgrades to current Windows Phones start rolling out on December.

Want more flexibility and mobility?

If you are with Bremmar’s Hosted Desktop infrastructure, you can install the Citrix Receiver application on your mobile and have a full desktop running all your line of business apps. With the new changes introduced by Windows 10, plus the plug in peripherals, you will be able take your complete desktop everywhere and access it on a full screen just from your mobile phone!

Contact one of our Solution Consultants on 1300 991 351 and we can assist with solutions to make your business available any time and anywhere!

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The revolutionary Windows 10 feature – Continuum

Microsoft has somewhat reinvented itself recently. Check out what is Windows 10 - Continuum and why it's so good.