Tips on how to protect your business from malware – Viruses, Trojans, bugs…

In the past few months, Bremmar has seen an increase of malicious and damaging emails going around. Here are some tips on how to secure your business and not let your staff fall into the hackers’ trap

malware-featuredWe know that words like Trojan, virus, bug, etc, can get a bit confusing and most people don’t know the differences between them. Most of it is technical and all you actually need to know is what damage they can cause to your business if infected. Leave the details to the techs.


As easy as that we can explain malware and with no doubt you have seen malware at one point of your life, either on a malicious email, document to download or link to click. Malware come in various forms and through different methods, the most common and known ones are: Phishing, Ransomware, Spyware, Trojan horse, Virus and Worm. In future articles we will explain each of them in detail.

What is important to know now is that they are around, their number has increased significantly and hackers are getting more and more creative on how to approach potential victims. In saying that, your business needs to adopt measures to stop them from possibly impacting your business and especially educate your staff, as usually they are the main point of entry for these malicious invasions.


Bremmar recommends a range of actions your business should take to protect itself. If you already are a Bremmar client, you may have most solutions and tools for protection described below, however, if you don’t, or are unsure, we can analyze your business and evaluate what you have in place.

Email Filtering – one of the most known tools for protection, it’s a solution that blocks spam and fake messages. For clients on the Complete Cloud Hosted Environment service, Bremmar uses Spamtitan as a solution and it comes included in the hosted package. For clients with on premise infrastructure, a Trend Worry-free or HES business license is usually used to cover emails.

Gateway (or firewall) protection – through firewall settings you can control the incoming and outgoing traffic on your network, at the internet connection point. The firewall can allow or block certain Web-oriented cookies, java scripts, and pop-up windows. This service is available also through a SonicWall license and Bremmar can set it up for your business.

Web Filtering (proxy) – another well-known protection measure. A company sets the rules when installing a web filter and every time someone accesses a webpage, this program screens the page and filters its content according to the rules set. Typical pages that are blocked are pornography, gambling, games, chats and malicious pages. Available with a SonicWall or Trend Worry-free business license. Bremmar sets it up by default and strongly encourages that all clients have valid licenses for these solutions.

Web reputation services – tracks the credibility and trustworthiness of a URL by assigning a reputation score based on factors such as a website’s age, the country that hosts the website, historical location changes and indications of suspicious activities discovered through malware behavior analysis. It will then continue to scan sites and block users from accessing infected ones. Bremmar recommends Trend Micro Worry-free for a premium business antivirus solution.

Software Restriction Policies – usually corporate user accounts are separated in Administrator (full access) and Standard User (limited rights). SRP is a tool that allows administrators to select which software are permitted to run on a computer and all the rest is silently blocked, including the viruses. You can also use SRP to create a highly restricted configuration for computers, in which you allow only specifically identified applications to run. Bremmar sets this up via group policy, for clients who require a very high level of protection and control.

Updates – ensure that your operating system and browsers are as up to date as possible.

Staff education – as a primary point of entry for malware, this is the most important step and a must do! Inform your staff on the threats out there and send clear steps on how to behave if exposed to any potential invasion. As soon as Bremmar is aware or informed, we send notification emails to all of our clients informing about the new malware detected and method of approach (email with link or attachment), so clients can be careful and not open emails or click on links. Your company should have a strategy to communicate these issues to staff and educate them about the threats and risks of opening dodgy emails and documents.

This article summarises a range of protection measures that can be considered by your company. Although some of these may not be practical or achievable due to the cost or your current infrastructure, Bremmar recommends a combination of the solutions mentioned above, as the more protection measures you are able to implement the better protected your business will be.

If you would like to analise the security solutions your business had or would like to evaluate some of the solutions mentioned above, please contact our support consultants on 1300 991 351 or email

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Tips on how to protect your business from malware – Viruses, Trojans, bugs…

In the past few months, Bremmar has seen an increase of malicious and damaging emails going around. Here are some tips on how to secure your business and not let your staff fall into the hackers’ trap