Understanding the concept of Modern Workplaces

Advances in technology and the power of data are allowing us to redefine the new normal when it comes to the workplace. We're now creating workplaces that enable people & organisations to achieve more

Modern WorkplaceThe concept of a workplace is changing. While once we were focused on repetitive manual procedures and processes for continuity, paper trails for traceability, and a need to have everyone in the same room for collaboration, these norms have gradually been shifting.

Advances in technology and the power of data are allowing us to redefine the new normal when it comes to the workplace.

We are now creating workplaces that allow us to be more efficient, achieve breakthroughs more fluidly, adapt to technological advances more easily, and operate more in harmony with natural human behaviours and inclinations.

What is considered a Modern Workplace?

A modern workplace, at its core, is a workplace that effortlessly leverages technology to increase productivity, improve collaboration, elicit new avenues for success, guide strategy, minimise employee dissatisfaction and/or friction, reduce administrative overheads, automate and expedite traditionally lengthy approval processes, and allow people to do their actual jobs, unimpinged by distractions and non-core activities.

It revolves around transparency, multi-generational/knowledge teams, effortless communication and collaboration anywhere, capturing innovation and adjusting processes rather than following “what’s always been done”.

A modern workplace may have a remote team, working from company laptops and their personal iPad and phone, collaborating effortlessly and simultaneously on disparate projects with easy to use tools, in complete flow, being assured of data security at all times. Or it might look a little different. A modern workplace isn’t just flexible hours and a zen garden in the corner.

Pillars of a Modern Workplace

Effortless employee communication and collaboration

This mean communication and collaboration across all levels, departments, and locations, through personal messages, meetings, collaboration on files, and sharing of knowledge and information.

Leveraging cloud technologies for doing business anywhere, anytime, without incumbent IT overheads

Your company is not in the business of server management, IT security administration, or configuring databases. While in the past, expensive on-premise solutions were the best way to leverage advanced technology within your business, cloud technologies allow any business, at any level, to be able to create a solution to help do business better.

Removal of complexity for end-users

Technology needs to be simple to use and intuitive for the end user, with management and configuration hidden and only available for those in admin.

The ability to work the same from any device, anywhere

The new office is anywhere: in the office, on the bus on the way home, from a private villa in Bali on a working holiday, or even fully remote. This means that apps need to be synched, very similar across all devices, and logins must be simple. Digital work environments need to be cohesive, the same in the office as it would be somewhere else.

Why should you engage in modern workplace efforts?

Not only are there so many benefits that come about from modernizing the workplace, from enhanced productivity to increased employee happiness, the reality is that if you don’t modernize your workplace, you will start to fall behind.

To remain successful in business and to attract new talent, you need to at least keep in step with the competition – if not outpace them to really get ahead. Your competition are already putting in efforts to create a modern workplace. Are you?

How to enable modern workplace practices

The beginning of your journey towards a modern workplace starts here. You’ve already started. Learning about the capabilities of various technologies and data capture products to help turn your business into a modern workplace is the first step. In-depth research, and if possible, chatting to an IT consultancy that also touches on digital transformation is your best bet as it will ensure you’re not just picking up a solution because “it’s what everyone is doing”. Targeting the transformation by incremental stages and tailoring to your business needs is imperative.

Since one of the pillars of modern workplaces is collaboration, this needs to be a team effort to start the process. Getting together the head of departments and management, and discussing their pain points, technologies they use in their private lives, and brainstorming solutions for your company can be extremely illuminating and useful, and help start that journey that’s focused on communication and collaboration.

At Bremmar, we believe that a solid IT strategy is the crucial starting point for any business to start adopting new technology and introducing workplace changes. From planning to solution implementation and finally user training and adoption, an IT strategy will cover it all. Maybe your business has to invest in that expensive solution that will promise to revolutionise your workplace, but maybe it hasn’t…Only a proper assessment of your IT and IT strategy will tell!

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace practices

Moving towards cloud-based solutions for your IT services and systems is a popular first step towards the modern workplace for businesses. For instance, if you are currently using the Microsoft Office suite in your workplace, you are probably considering O365, Microsoft’s cloud answer to the Office suite.

Within Microsoft 365, Microsoft has developed solutions for:

  • A modern desktop
  • Solutions for Firstline Workers
  • Streamlined device management with lower costs
  • Integrated administration experience
  • Built-in compliance

Incorporating Office 365 in the modern workplace goes beyond simultaneous collaboration and commenting on Word documents. The suite features products like Teams for communication and knowledge sharing and Flow, for automating internal processes.

Leveraging the O365 suite in your business can prove invaluable, but you need to know how – and its full capabilities within your business.

O365 cta

Have a chat with us at Bremmar about the next steps in your business towards becoming a modern workplace. We can help you to start modernising your workplace with simple changes and show how much more O365 can do for your business beyond email and word processing.

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Understanding the concept of Modern Workplaces

Advances in technology and the power of data are allowing us to redefine the new normal when it comes to the workplace. We're now creating workplaces that enable people & organisations to achieve more