Using cloud to improve your business email and web security

Can cloud actually improve your business security?

emailsecurity-featuredCloud security is an issue that has been in the spotlight, especially after a number of famous data breach scandals and corporate information leakage. However, this blog entry is not intended to discuss the security of cloud services, instead, this article focuses on the fact that cloud computing can actually be used to improve the security of your onsite infrastructure by taking advantage of the investment made by cloud providers into redundant hardware and multi-tenanted environments.


Email and web access are often the primary culprit in proliferation of malware and security exploits, so how can the cloud protect organisations from security threats?

Traditionally, IT administrators relied only on antimalware and anti-spam solutions installed on servers and endpoints. More recently, as a result of the evolution of traditional firewalls into all-inclusive Unified Threat Management – UTM appliances, an additional layer of security is provided. The primary disadvantage of these UTM solutions is that they don’t block security threats until the malicious code or email is already in your environment. The difference with cloud is that an increasing number of cloud products can block security threats before hitting the corporate’s firewall, which is completely managed and maintained by the cloud provider.


Technically, both email and web traffic can be easily diverted to a cloud service where traffic is inspected and scanned for security threats before being delivered to the infrastructure onsite.

The email traffic to your company would be diverted to a cloud antimalware/antispam service that will scan and filter the malicious traffic and deliver cleaned content to the organisation. In technical terms, IT administrators can point the DNS Mail Exchange (MX) records, that is, the settings associated with your domain that direct your mail to the servers hosting your mail accounts, to a cloud security provider with minimum effort. Mail is then redirected to your organisation’s mail server and into your mailbox after being scanned and cleaned in the cloud.

These cloud security services can offer network scanning protection as well, where web traffic content can be analysed by a proxy cloud service, and inspected for malware, data leakage, or inappropriate content before being delivered to the end user.

Bremmar offers a number of cloud security services. For more information, contact us on 1300 991 351 and we can help with options to protect your business data.

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Using cloud to improve your business email and web security

Can cloud actually improve your business security?