What every SMB needs to know about IT support outsourcing

5 key things to expect from your Managed IT service provider.

technical-support-featuredMost, if not all, Australian organisations rely on technology to support their business objectives. As a result, IT platforms are becoming increasingly complex, time-consuming and costly to manage over the long run. For small to medium-sized businesses, supporting an effective technology environment can be an overwhelming task that distracts from their core service offering.

What does your SMB need to know about IT support outsourcing?

The right IT balance.

Like many SMBs, your IT systems are probably too extensive for general staff to manage on an ad-hoc basis. But they may not be extensive enough to warrant a dedicated IT department. To be truly successful it’s important to minimise distraction and focus on your core business. That’s where a managed IT support provider like Bremmar can help.

Customised IT services within budget.

Australian business owners are discovering that outsourcing their IT support functions can deliver specific professional services they need at an affordable price. In today’s competitive business environment, controlling expenses and resources is vital for growth. A managed IT support provider can offer a customised suite of services specific to your needs and within your budget, which lets you concentrate on revenue generation.

Techs that TRULY know and understand your business IT.

A competent provider will first gain an understanding of your infrastructure and your objectives before suggesting an appropriate set of services. Your IT support partner should recommend the right technology to use, monitor and proactively maintain your network, manage desktops, systems and mobile devices, as well as ensuring adequate security protection is in place. At Bremmar, before taking on any client on board, we perform an IT review to fully understand the business IT performance, so then, based on real facts we can suggest improvements and changes. A good IT provider will align closely with your business and complement any existing staff you already have with IT skills to make the most out of the overall team.

No cost IT consultation

The days of “problem fixers” are gone. Strategy is now the focus.

When choosing an IT support provider, it’s important to select someone you can trust to provide constructive and strategic advice. Make sure they possess the skills and knowledge to actually improve your business and give you a competitive edge – rather than simply keeping things running. A deep understanding of cloud-based solutions is essential. In today’s reality, with the introduction of cloud and ever more solutions to help businesses work smarter, it doesn’t make sense to have an IT provider that just fixes computers/hardware and doesn’t know, or can’t offer, the solutions and tools to support your business growth. Your IT support partner needs to know how to leverage the power of the cloud to improve the flow of your business while being cost effective.

Your ideal managed IT provider should also have shifted from just answering requests to being proactive and recommending solutions that will streamline and benefit your business. As software continues to evolve rapidly, organisations with insufficient resources can be left behind. Your managed IT support provider should be well informed about cutting-edge technology solutions that can help you to deliver a high-quality service to your customers and facilitate the work your team does through increased collaboration, mobility and productivity.

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Good relationship is key.

You should also enquire about the support representatives you’ll be working with – try to meet them if possible. Will you enjoy a friendly and personalised service, delivered by a dedicated and stable team? Or will the service be delivered by frequently changing team members, who never remain long enough to develop a really strong understanding of your business or rapport with your employees?

At Bremmar, we offer a 3-person team structure where each client is assigned to a dedicated team for support. This means that clients will always deal with the same techs that know and understand their business and won’t have to deal with large helpdesks, having to explain reoccurring issues over and over, saving the client a significant amount of time (and stress!).

Service Level Agreements – SLA

Response times are also important. How quickly will the provider respond to requests and troubleshoot problems? What are the normal hours of service, and do they offer after-hours support? Do they guarantee their support by offering an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA)? What systems do they have in place to monitor and maintain your network? And does the provider proactively resolve issues before they impact your business? Do they offer proactive monitoring or all their work is just reactive?

Other factors to consider include security, risk mitigation, and assistance with regulatory compliance. Regardless of your industry, these are important concerns for every business. Yet they tend to be complex and time-consuming to get right. A managed IT support provider can help you to fully understand the dangers and the rules you must follow, in order to ensure your organisation never suffers from a damaging breach.

As the New Year approaches, perhaps now is a good time to rethink your IT support strategy? If you’d like to learn more about how IT Support Outsourcing can help you to grow your business, modernise your infrastructure, and reduce your technology costs, then contact Bremmar today on 1300 991 351 or email help@bremmar.com.au.

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What every SMB needs to know about IT support outsourcing

5 key things to expect from your Managed IT service provider.